I woke up this morning
to tell you the sun has risen,
to say that the mornings
are still in bloom like fire 
lilies carpeting a burnt sky. 

I woke up this morning
to tell you the yellow headed
blackbirds have decorated
the pinetree outside again
and whenever they dance
they turn into the eyelets
of a large peacock tail
spread just for us. 

I woke up this morning
to say that my heart still 
feels empty but my soul 
complete like the full moon 
in a cloudless sky,

that nothing has changed 
since you’ve been gone, 
that the sun still rises 
and the trees still spread 
their wings and that my heart 
is still full of stars. 

I woke up this morning
to tell you I am healing,
that with every burnt sky
a new flower grows in its 
place, petal by petal,

to tell you that I am full
of a song I still don’t know
the words to yet but
it is coming, and one day
I will sing it for you.
— I still miss you ||  Maza-Dohta 
mady dooijes [instagram]


Rick Forrestal said...

I like this post.
A lot.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

This poem is so beautiful Mady,
'...and my heart is still of stars..' beautiful. It describes grief perfectly.

Hugs Jane

Maria said...

This poem is so beautiful..
Hauntingly so...Thank you for sharing with us all..
with kindest twinkles ****
Maria x

Ariane Reichardt said...

Really beautiful, photo and words... it sounds... like music.

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