Your becoming is inevitable….

Your becoming is inevitable 
Create to calm the boil
This will thaw out the numb spirit
Before floods of laughter 
And a hundred posies full of kisses
There will be nights turning into loneliness
You will go from soft to brittle then soft again 
You’ll learn grief is a horrible thing
that cooks anger and serves sadness
But you will rebuild yourself into something better
And you will find a new way to breath
Then you will fly and fly away
— your becoming is inevitable  - Tapiwa Mugabe
georgina stojiljkovic by Sarah Moon for grey ss11


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

I really loved this poem Mady! Terrific!!

Photograph stunning as well, just perfect.

Hugs Jane

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Just re-visited today...had to read the poem again!


Mady Dooijes said...

Thank you Jane, you can visit any time…. Have you read any of her other poetry? Hope you are well.

Hugs Mady

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