my thrill….

 ... if I had known free spirits are burning deities
I’d have stayed away from you
If I could…
Built a moat around my heart
Cloaked my soul and shut my eyes from your radiance
I am burning.
A beautiful fire has set me alight
You came into my life a far away wind blowing on foreign land
Carrying the smell of sweetened love with you
If I had known you would fan my spirit I’d have sought counsel from the four winds
and travelled earlier to find you
Look how I blush the colour of your soul
The colour of my heart before you came dancing to the sound of my name..
— my thrill - Tapiwa Mugabe, tapiwamugabe.tumblr.com
"ZZZ…": Natasha Poly by Tim Walker for LOVE #11 Spring/Summer 2014

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Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Ooh terrific Mady!!

Hugs Jane.

p.s. Hope your weekend is enjoyable.

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