there will come a time....

there will come a time, a day, a moment when words 
are not enough. when the letters hooking to other 
letters and tying themselves to each other, 
the trains of vowels and consonants chasing each other 
out of my mouth just won’t do justice to the avalanche
that you’re struggling through.
 if this is…
tyler knott gregson
source: tush #4 2008 “glam is my business” by hasse nielsen with maxine schiff, via +


Anya adores said...

GORGEOUS words (and picture) as usual Mady - thanks for your sweet greeting on my birthday - meant a lot. Have a great weekend sweetie,
A xxx

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Oh wow! Stunning..picture and words!!
Very affecting coupled with the background music. Amazing!

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