when you were sleeping on the sofa
 i put my ear to your ear and listened
to the echo of your dreams.

that is the ocean i want to dive in,
merge with the bright fish,
plankton and pirate ships.

walk up to people on the street that kind of look like you
and ask them the questions i would ask you.

can we sit on a rooftop and watch stars dissolve into smoke
rising from a chimney?
can i swing like tarzan in the jungle of your breathing?

i don’t wish i was in your arms,
i just wish i was pedaling a bicycle
toward your arms.

jeffrey mcdaniel,  the secret
source: jorge aragon, via etc


Katie*Belle said...

This is stunning -- both the words and the photograph. Thank you for this inspiration on a Monday morning.

Sarah Klassen said...

How beautiful... I love the way in which you combine words and visuals. Like nothing I have seen before, which is exactly why your blog is one of my dearest favorites :)

Hope you are having a lovely Monday.


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