life is wonderful

life is wonderful, so revel in its beauty.
be all you can be, and let go of the past.
it is nothing but shadows.
fell by david clement-davies


PPI said...

Life is not such a sort of word which can be described in alphabets. It needs volumes and volumes to explain Life.Living life to the fullest is the best experience to teach us. Do not be confine to insecurity and self-doubt.

Thea Beasley, formally known as Talitha Love.... said...

ok, Mady, just thinking you might be my
the words you post are always so wise.
When I need direction and source, it seems you've just written about it.
When I need solace and patience, you have words for that, too.
Seriously, your postings have been my therapy lately.... and really good therapy!
I just need to read before I act,...remember not to be anxious, nor push for experience, not fret......

agnes szucs said...

and this was made by Jann de Vries.
( http://www.min-style.de/wirklichkeit-und-ihre-konstruktion.html )


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