my tears are like the quiet drift, of petals from some magic rose;
+ all my grief flows from the rift, of unremembered skies + snows.
dylan thomas

  i am sorry lovely followers for my lack of posting lately...
my dear 100 year old grandmother passed away on christmas eve.
the last time i saw her was when i visited my family in holland.
 it was such a joy to see her then. we talked, we cried,
we laughed and hold hands...
i will cherish the lovely + wonderful memories i have of her.
she was a very special and amazing woman.
i miss you oma...

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agnes szucs said...

i guess i understand what you feel... my gramma ("nagymami", that is) has a little warm spot in my heart, too... it's a blessing that you could enjoy her company so long.

have a good holiday, and a happy new year!


Christine said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. 100 years old--that's amazing and I'm sure comforting to know that she lived such a full and wonderful life. I wish you a very happy 2011.

Dix said...

Deepest Sympathy for such a sad loss. It is lovely to read that you had such a special visit when you saw her last. It is hard when you live so far away but you know you were loved and she knew that she was loved and that's the most important thing of all.

beauty comma said...

i'm sorry for you mady. your oma sounds quite wonderful... seems you'll have lots of lovely memories though (but it's still hard, i know)!

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