in january i am
going to melbourne for a holiday
hopefully get lots of sleep
get lots of new inspiration and ideas
changing my house around
get back into yoga
read all my favoutite blogs
and.... visit lots of galleries and musea

please click on image for source


Kickcan and Conkers said...

Enjoy Melbourne.

iNdi@na said...

i like those things turned towards the wall...

C. Tvillingmamma said...

sounds nice...perfect even :)

Amelia said...

Beautiful. Your blog is so inspiring!

etre-soi said...

me too I hope to restart with yoga again - I never felt better than when I was doing it several times a week.

Sarah Klassen said...

Happy New Year*

I wish for you to do all of these things. Sounds like wonderful plans to me -- may this year be filled with wonderful plans and adventures such as these. Thank you for all that you share on this beautiful blog, and for the thoughtfulness that you bring to the blogging world. I am so happy to know you :)

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