left off the highway and down the hill.
at the bottom, hand another left.
keep bearing left.
the road will make a Y.
left again.
there’s a creek on the left.
keep going.
just before the road ends, there’ll be another road.
take it and no other.
otherwise, your life will be ruined forever.
there’s a log house
with a shake roof, on the left.
it’s not that house.
it’s the next house, just over a rise.
the house where trees are laden with fruit.
where phlox, forsythia and marigold grow.
it’s the house where the woman
stands in the doorway
wearing sun in her hair.
the one
who’s been waiting
all the time.
the woman who loves you.
the one who can say,
what’s kept you?
waiting by 'raymond carver'
images 2+3 here 4+5 here 1 here


Barbara Munsel said...

sooooooooo darn pretty again
(wish you made a book...)

Hayley said...

this is so cute (:
i love the last picture, and the line "wearing sun in her hair"
you always find the most beautiful stuff.

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