One of the reasons I have been absent (ˈabs(ə)nt/) (for a little while) is that we lost our gorgeous boy at the start of (our) summer school holidays. We adopted him three years ago and he was straight away a huge part of our family. We miss you gorgeous boy, we miss falling over you, your excitement when we get home, when you see your friends, your unconditional love. No words can really describe how we (still) feel. We love you my darling boy.... XXX


Rick Forrestal said...

Oh Mady, I'm so sorry.
He was so beautiful.
(They become such a member of the family, I know.)
I miss my Gus so much, even after 3 years.
I want a dog sooo much, but just can't handle it right now.
Great post.
I'm glad you have great pics.
(Big hug.)

Thea Beasley said...

I'm so sorry Mady. It's a loss that takes some time. Animals are such sweet souls, always loving and accepting... I think that makes it even harder.
Thinking of you,
Thea xo

poodletail said...

"Well done, good and faithful servant. Come, share your Master's joy. Amen." I'm sorry for your loss, Mady.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Dear Mady.... I'm so sorry you lost your lovely friend. They become such a part of our lives and leave massive holes behind forever.

Hugs, Jane x

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