new website….

  website is up and running
eeeek, I am not very good at promoting myself….
…and I am still working on my web shop

my new collection is all about:
 lots of layering, vegetable|fruit dyed organic cottons, vintage|antique fabrics,
hemp, textures, hand dyed fabrics, botanical, raw, delicate, denim, green, sustainable 

My wishes are flowers
staining my days.

— Adonis, from “Celebrating Childhood,” Selected Poems 

more here one|two|three 

model: Issy Wengert
clothing|styling|photography: by me (Mady Dooijes) 


cloudgathererholdmedown said...

ooohhh gorgeous..im excited about the cape..

Sea Angels said...

Looks lovely and as always amazing I am on my way xxxxx
Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely my love….
PW xxx

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Beautiful, really beautiful!

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