All inside, our Amsterdam she hides
watery-eyed that howling wind
she's waving hi, her other hands in mine

oh,oh silhouette she's growing tall and fine
she's got my back, she'll follow me
down every street, no matter what my crime

All inside, our Amsterdam she flies
hoarding the kites, that howling wind
she'll take everything, but she's easy on the eyes

oh churches and trains, 
while they all look the same to me now, 
they shoot you someplace, while we ache
to come home somehow

love this song- listen Gregory Alan Isakov

I have lived and visited many different countries and continents, besides my home country and I am itchy to move again. We have been thinking for a while now of relocating from Australia to Holland or somewhere else, I think we will. I crave for change, but I fear change too- you know that feeling?  


Puur Anders said...

I know how it feels Mady. Alsof je niet meer weet of je hart of je verstand tegen je praat.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

I understand completely, I too have lived in many countries, there is always some fear involved, but maybe you are meant to be somewhere else. Hang on to the excitement and the fear eventually dissolves. Do it...do it soon, before time catches up!

Hugs Mady,
Jane x

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