books and coffee...

the perfect combination...
when you are reading this i am on the plane to see my family in the netherlands. i haven't seen my family for the last two and a half years. a lot has happened since... i am travelling with my two little ones, the other half will be looking after our gorgeous pooch. i'll be (hopefully) reading lots of books and drinking coffee with my wonderful family and dear friends. i'll be back!- not sure when though, i may post occasionally- just see how i feel.
take care my dear readers, see you soon!

much love


Catherine Robinson said...

Have a wonderful time with your family ;-)
I agree books and coffee...the blissful combination.

agnesszucs said...

see you soon Mady, have a wonderful time!


Audrey said...

Ha, Welkom thuis!! have a good time with your family Mady.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Have a perfectly splendid time!
You'll be missed, safe passage friend.

X Jane

Rose Sergent said...

Have a brilliant time!

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