it's a bit of a prick

catherine hope's- compositional cocktail of
cactus flowers playfully study its inherent dynamism.  it's a bit of a prick
is sourced from columbia road flower market in hackney. (i used to work
just around the corner for years, missing the markets and london...)
via the fabulous blog anna louise likes


Anya adores said...

Ha ha it's a bit of a prick - love that!! I used to live close to the Colombia road flower market - miss london too Mady - those where fun times:
Happy weekend,

greenbeen said...

So many things are a bit of a prick...! Today I miss you very much. I am needing a mady fix for sure! Your blog is so beautiful my darling an extension of a wonderful woman that you are! Love you with all my heart xx

Thea Beasley said...

Ha! Our lives dovetail again.....
I went to the botanical gardens here today, and spent quite some time in the conservatory with the cacti. So odd and strange, and beautiful, something so serene and austere about some of them.

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