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Featured Designer: Mady Dooijes

FK chats to Mady about her handmade organic fashion label, Mady Dooijes
Can you introduce us to your handmade label, Mady Dooijes?
Mady Dooijes offers hand-made garments, created with care in small editions. I hope to contribute to kind and thoughtful design that is dedicated to the idea that less is more. Many pieces span seasons with simple forms for timeless appeal. I only use natural, hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, silk, recycled + reclaimed materials. I use natural plant dyes, low impact dyes + water based inks. At the end of it all – I have pieces of work that reflect my passion and appreciation for design + the environment.
What is your background and how has it helped with the label?
I grew up in the Netherlands in a creative family and moved to Australia 10 years ago. I studied textile design at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague. After I finished my degree I packed my bags and moved to London. There I worked for years for a Textile Design Consultancy. When I moved to Australia with my Australian husband I painted a lot. I missed working with fabrics and after having two little ones I felt it was time to start for myself.
When did you get started and what were some of the challenges you had to overcome?
I started Mady Dooijes about 20 months ago. I feel passionate about what we eat, I try to buy organic when possible and so I am also passionate about what we wear. That’s why I wanted to work with natural materials. It’s a real challenge to find woven organic fabrics in Australia.
What do you love about working & dying fabrics?
I love creating things, I am always thinking about it… I like the way the fabric soaks up the dye- sometimes it turns out completely different than I had in mind, but that gives me new ideas for my next project.
What inspires your work, and keeps you motivated?
I get inspired by so many things: poetry, art, imperfections, travelling, flea markets and just by looking around at what’s happening around me. I love reading blogs, the internet is a great medium! I’ve found so manyinteresting people and artists. Feedback from other people keeps me motivated.
What can we expect to discover from your label at the upcoming Brisbane Markets?
A small collection of ruffled tops, skirts and dresses that I have hand-and dip dyed, some lovely silks and organic cotton fabrics in some delicious colours: tangerine, beetroot and turmeric.



Dina said...

Lovely designs!

The Style Schedule said...

Lucky Brisbanites! Are they scarves you've got photographed? Gorgeous!! Love them. Good luck.

Audrey said...

What a nice interview, keep up your beautiful handmade creations!!

Have a great weekend!

Anya adores said...

Lovely interview - I am glad you started your own thing Mady - it is wildly beautiful and I wish we could buy it here :)
A xxx

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