that was such a wonderful time...

that was such a wonderful time, even in its strangeness and sadness- and life isn’t the same now.

 it’s wonderful, but it isn’t the same.

gregory maguire (wicked: the Life and times of the wicked witch of the west)
source: paolo roversi, via +


Habitat Harvest said...

Oh Mady .... I think I just died and went to heaven. Have only just had time to explore the blogs on Greenbeen's list and have to say your images and poetry are exquisite!
Such a lovely way to end a hectic day.

Thea Beasley said...

HA! We are twins!
I have that photo, pulled from the original Bazaar magazine it appeared in here, in a frame, in my dressing room! I'll send you a photo. She bless me everyday. Your words added have made it even more special to me! xx

The Style Schedule said...

OH I love this photo... looks fabulous.


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