bedside tables

what's next to your bed?

i found this little chair on the site on the road. i scraped most of the paint of it, i think i will leave as it is... it's cluttered with books, magazines (many more are spread out on the floor), children drawings and tea cups. 
image by mady dooijes


Luna said...

Books, books and books plus various book marks made by my kids!

gbf said...

and it is and i would not want to see it any other way! xs

Kickcan and Conkers said...

I have an old chair too, I love it.

Sarah Klassen said...

What a great find this is! Beautiful... next to my bed? An old antique little mirror propped up against the wall, my favorite clock, lamp, and leather tassel... and pretty books of course :)

Have a wonderful start to the new week,

xx, Sarah

nathan storm said...

The chair is looking nice even without a proper paint. It would look more beautiful after the proper paint.

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