my heart wanders

my new book...      my heart wanders of pia jane bijkerk is stunningly beautiful and inspirational. (it brought a lot of memories and emotions up)
 a MUST...    have

image pia jane bijkerk

... lovely to finally meet pia after our email conversations. 

read what my lovely friend dayle had to say:
green been food: pia jane bijkerk...my heart wanders book launch: "my dear friend mady (+ check out her gorgeous blog anabundance ) invited me to pia jane bijkerk's book launch 'my heart wanders' on ..."
...the afternoon was just perfect



hey, your blog is pretty cool, love it & follow everyday :)

Freya Serendipity

Sarah Klassen said...

+ 1 ... hmm, no clue!

Meeting Pia must have been wonderful. She is so incredibly talented. I have purchased a few of her books and they are so wonderful... I find myself going back to them often. I heard she is also coming here to Vancouver -- I must try to see her!

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