barbara munsel

my dear friend barbara munsel's collection come slowly, eden- fall winter 2011/12 is stunningly beautiful. her clothing is an expression of herself: every piece is born directly from her sensibilities. 

come slowly,
lips unused to thee.
bashful, sip thy jasmines,
as the fainting bee,
reaching late his flower,
round her chamber hums,
counts his nectars -alights,
and is lost in balms!

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i miss you my darling friend

images by lieke romeijn


Anya adores said...

Such lovely stuff, and how amazing is the model and her hair - gosh I love it all. Have a great weekend Mady.
A xx

Kylie said...

*Eek* crocheted tights! I love them!! Looks like a fabulous collection. Kx

Barbara Munsel said...

thanks sweetie, miss you too, always. En wat goed van jou met de tekst, je bent een echte Dickinson fan! Love xxx

PPI said...

I like your stuff. The model is just very superb. She looks very beautiful.

mady dooijes said...

oh bar, woonden we maar dichter bij elkaar... thanks to you re dickinson.... love you from here to there xxx

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