yellow splash

yellow splash
i have a thing for yellow at the moment, must be all the sunshine
source: 1 via solid frog, 2 gabriel dawe via +,
3  wolfgang laib via +, 4 rodarte for opening ceremony,


SAMANTHA said...

i wish i had more sunshine in my life! love this post!


julie said...

i'm in love!! Is that man sifting yellow powder onto that whole floor??

k said...

Adore the yellow round up! Great collection if images. I have always had a soft spot for yellow.

Heidi said...

wow! great pictures! I also posted some yellow pictures om my blog...must have something to do with the weather!

agnes szucs said...

stunning... i think yellow has the most energy of all the colors.


Lilouka pour JojO said...

I like yellow Splash

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