sleep walk

sleep walk, you see. that’s why i wear shoes to bed.
luna lovegood
paolo roversi for alberta ferreti


Thea Beasley, formally known as Talitha Love.... said...

Oh, this is one of my favourite photos! I have it framed and on my dressing room wall.
I've never heard the quote, but love it!

kaleidoscope kingdom said...

I love Luna Lovegood! She is so bizarre!

Cherry said...

Paolo is, handsdown, my favourite fashion photographer....always so soft, whimical, dreamy and beautiful.

Kylie said...

Love Luna :) and I'd wear shoes to bed too if I had these lovelies! Kx

Mirella said...

I love your blog,

thanks for being so fun at writing, you brought happiness to my day.

I am adding you to my favorites,


Seo Portsmouth

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