a declaration of love

 when i saw the declarations of love collection of necklaces my heart  fluttered. i secretly wish for one of these....
 len of a little hamster is  dutch + incredible talented-
everything she does, she does well. (she lives in rotterdam were i grew up).
we never met, but it seems like we have known each other for years.
 declaration of love: these pendants i found when i was traveling in asia and are purely a statement of love. the antique heart necklace is also a little box and was used to put tobacco in but you can put a sweet reminder in it. the other one I like to call ‘secret message necklace’, you can put just any note in it! something between you and your lover. and of course the ‘you are my number 1′ necklace is a simple exclamation of love.
valentines day is near so let your boyfriend, secret love, husband or fiance
 get inspired over here to surprise you!

make sure you check out her beautiful blog: a little hamster
for inspiration + loveliness and of course
her gorgeous shop: made by lennebelle 
  thank you len xxx


Ingrid Mida said...

Jewelery with a secret message - how divine.

Cherry said...

Pretty pretty pretty.

And as an aside. Is there any way that I can silence Fool by Cat Power without having to manually turn it off everytime I go on to your page? It stopped playing there for a month, but now its back.

Sarah Klassen said...

This is such a beautiful idea* How lovely it is... you always find such amazing things to share with us—thank you!

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