jamie mcpartland

when jamie mcpartland send me the most lovely email, i
didn't have to think twice about posting some of her beautiful work.

she believes in the canon of art as a folk tradition. and a common thread between
all traditions. jamie uses rough handmade paper + wood panels as my canvas
jamie grew up in the woods of northern california + lives in brooklyn
she says: all are welcome to visit my studio + i am always open to commissions
(or to join forces with other artists on new projects).

i would love to see some more of her (not yet finished) woven textures...+ more
 thank you jamie, hope to meet you one day in person...


Sarah Klassen said...

her work is so beautiful! I think that no.4 is my most favorite -- the qualities are so captivating -- I cannot stop staring. thank you so much for sharing these.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend,

greenbeenfood said...

wow mady they are so beautiful! love the colours & calmness of them....just gorgeous - & very clever lady indeed!

Leve hjem said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing.

Sonya Goulding said...

Really like images 1 and 5, they really sucked me in. Thanks for bringing Jamie to our attention:)

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This Wonderful work with us

Maria H. Sanchez said...

the photos are so beautiful!

Laura said...

Love it. Very beautiful use of colours and facial expressions.

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