worn (wôrn, wrn)
Past participle of wear.
1. Affected by wear or use.
2. Impaired or damaged by wear or use: the worn pockets on a jacket.
3. Showing the wearing effects of overwork, care, worry, or suffering.


Tammie said...

the mix of simplicity
and earthiness is quite appealing to me

Sarah Klassen said...

Quite beautiful... I really liked worn pieces, especially leather, wood, and metal. I find that often aged pieces look even more beautiful, depending. As a young girl, I used to love my uncle's house -- it was filled with many, many antiques, in deep wood and the largest leather sofas. They always looked so worn and old, and there was some kind of comfort to them that I couldn't describe... thank you for reminding me :)

I hope your weekend was lovely, xo

aoki 2000 said...

Interesting content, we expect future subscription

{oldyarns} said...

Perfect - that leather case would have some stories to tell... K

Dutch dreamer said...

wow, so gorgeous!
i am not a 'brown fan' at all, but this is amazing!

i hope you are okay..


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