bARABARA i gONGINI is dripping with originality- i love everything she does. i've been a fan of her work for a few years now. her work is breathtaking, androgynous yet very delicate. one of her core concepts is sustainability. her company practices fair-trade production, as well as promoting the use of organic fibers.

raw, ageless, almost genderless, geometric shapes, textures, organic, big turns into small.

during the work, interdisciplinary co-operation with other artists within music, photography, film, etc, is emphasised and this co-operation nourishes inspiration during the design process itself.

f/w 2010

interview with bARABARA i gONGINI


Kylie said...

YUM!!! Just gorgeous. I really want those patent black shoes though! ;)) Kx

Anonymous said...

Thank you, ever so much for your supporting words, and yes, I feel a bit more calm now when I know. Always better to know, than to hope for something impossible to happen.

Wishing you an absolutely lovely Sunday.

This is a wonderful designer; the shapes, the material and the androgyn approach. Love it.

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