water colours

this image reminds me of my mother.

she used to make the most beautiful water colour paintings
and would hang them on the wall like this.
i wish she would pick up a paintbrush again...


Hem said...

Beautiful..i paint with watercolours also sometimes,,,its so easy and light teknik:)

have a great week,
/ Annaleena

little-a said...

this is gorgeous!!
i like the colors and the greyness
also the setting


inaluxe said...

so beautiful Mady... I can see the attraction perfectly. they all look so gorgeous up there. K.

Kylie said...

This is just gorgeous Mady. Such a beautiful photo and funny how someone else's photo can become part of your own memories too :) Kx

oldyarns said...

Lovely, the cluster remarkably accentuates the effect.

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