erin endicott

to stitch; a thread or line that holds things together- this is the literal translation of the ancient sanskrit word "sutra". in the "healing sutras" i use contemporary embroidery on antique fabric as a canvas to explore the common threads that bind countless generations of women. wounds - both physical and psychological - are given life using delicate, meditative stitches. traditionally thought of as "woman's work", sewing is a time consuming and contemplative process, each thoughtfully considered stitch becoming integral to the whole.
when i first saw erin endicott embroidery i had
to gasp for air. it's so stunningly beautiful-
that i have to share it with the world.
it's captivating, hauntingly beautiful, delicate,
organic, subtle, memories, threads, mended,
comely, cloth, antique + inspirational.

erin is having a solo show in new york city @ the White
Rabbit-opening friday october 1st. this is a link for the show http://artanagnorisis.wordpress.com/.
i wish i could be there!

God enters through the wound”
-CJ Jung

Antique fabrics, clothing and linens
My dowry passed down through generations
My history woven into this cloth
A fine cotton tablecloth
Lovingly mended by my great-grandmother
Becomes a little girl’s dress

Delicate cloth
Beautifully worn and threadbare
Stained by an artist’s hand
Walnut ink flowing into complex organic shapes
Subtleties of value, depth
Bringing the wound to life

Lost in the meditation of stitching
Repetition, contemplation
From within the fabric
Memories reveal themselves

Stitches, like words
The story grows
Lines graceful, unfurling
Drawing with thread
The Healing begins

new beginnings.... feeling the need for something "gentler"
thank you erin...


amy dufour said...

...all you talented people...i want to make beautiful things : )
i'm going to look into seeing her exhibit in ny..thanks for the introduction.

Casee Marie said...

Oh my goodness, that's so fascinating! The details are incredible. Love it.

chelliswilson. said...

There are no words...that work is above adjectives. I know where I'll be in October---I wouldn't miss that show for anything. It's good to be reminded how high the bar is occasionally. Thank you (as always).

Juultje said...

beautifull colours...really love this

Tammie said...

incredible stitching, colors, words in this post, thank you so much for sharing this!

Puur Anders said...

That is amazing! So so beautiful!

Laura said...

Amazing. Love the brightness of the colours.

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