inspiration now#5

looking for some new furniture
a sofa well needed (dark grey or off white?)
and... this cupboard... how fabulous


Geisslein said...

love these pictures...and the colors...My sofa is offwhite, but most of the time I have some "covers" on it in different colors (like white, creme, grey or brown), depending on the season. Because I have pets and I want to wash it oftener.
Have a lovely day today! geisslein

Judith of Felicity Crew said...

Oh, I love these soft tones for summer!

kriket said...

mades are you mad? no off white with your hairy, furry pooch constantly lolling all over it - can you just imagine the fur balls!

Hem said...

I just LOVE your blog, its my first time i am here, but not the last:)

Have a beautiful summer!
/ Annaleena from Sweden

agnes szucs said...

I can't tell you the feeling i have when I see such inspiration. I can't put it in words, it's just a feeling. So thank you, and gimme more of such stuff, anytime.
Btw, I'm a fan of Pia Ulin, too.

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