manon gignoux

manon gignoux creates fabric sculptures, dressed objects, clothes
and accessories – each piece is unique.
her work lies between art and fashion. her work
is unique with traces of wear and tear. raw materials
are re-used clothes and objects that retain the memory
of their original use. i almost forgot about her
till i saw an article in so-en magazine again recently.

images from my flickr favourites + moodboard


Hayley said...

these are so interesting!

Unknown said...

It's intriguing and beautiful.

Kylie said...

Oh I LOVE them all! This is exceptional work I think... especially the top photos... yum! :) K

agnes said...

oh yes, they are kind of vintage-y and i like the use of old materials, all unique and special :)

I guess i am quite obessed with all the old things. lol

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