ophelie's flights of fantasy

japanese accessories designer ophelie creates
and recreates a magical hideaway in her london
apartment with flea market finds, sensual textures
and her own delicate, handmade creations.
i was so happy when i found my old stash of magazines-
i came across ophelie'again', unfortunately i can't find
anything about her, images from moodboard a lovely blog


agnes said...

I wish, i can take those flights of fantasy, talk with those gorgeous details and exchange our stories...

thanks for sharing hun!

agnes :)

Stella Pesci said...

These are lovely photos...her work is beautiful!

leila wylie said...

These are so beautiful. I wish I lived in that room.

Takako said...

I have been following your wonderful blogs.
I like those pictures very much, too!
Do you know Opelie's room is styled by
Emma Cassi? They are good friends.

The photo in your old post I commented
Chinats Higashi's exhibition turned out
to be her own room.

Kylie said...

What absolutely divine work! Great find. It's a pity she's hard to find - good luck. K

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