inspirational wallspaces
i've had these images sitting in a folder for a while with no source
- if anyone knows i will change it.


Unknown said...

loving the sofa covered in different fabric

Kylie said...

Paper clothes... always makes me sigh! I've wanted to make them forever - just beautiful, Mady. Hopefully this will inspire me to do something about it! Lovely post :) Kylie

Rachel Follett said...

So pretty!

melinda said...

love the last picture with all mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, this is sooo prettyyy!!!!
Where did you get these from?
I'm loving the wall collage in the first picture. Trying to fix my room up like that, actually :)

Takako said...

Hi Mady,
Wonderful collection of beautiful wallspaces.
I am not sure whose photo it is, but (perhaps from
the blog of Yoko Hasegawa, illustrator), but it is
from the exhibition of Chinatsu Higashi.
The following link is for the first page of her memo
page. You will find her exhibition in the second


I think there is a French (or British) artist who makes pretty paper clothes, but I cannot remember her name now.

I will bookmark your blog and will come back!

ciana said...

sonja ahlers's room (first photo)


so lovely!

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