claudie pierlot

claudie pierlot is casual chic, feminine and fragile.
i love the little details
that make the clothes unique,
noble materials + always look chic and timeless


Anna Wallace said...

love the wedges and the bathing suit/under wear set.

Kylie said...

Love the coat in the first pic... and I do have a thing for ruffled swimwear! Not that I wear it ;) K

Kylie said...

Hi Mady - me again... Just saw this post on all the mountains + thought you might like it. Link is: http://allthemountains.blogspot.com/
and link to Barbara Munsel is: http://barbaramunsel.blogspot.com/
K x

agnes said...

agreed with you. those details are lovely, especially in that swimwear that's very cute! thanks for letting me know about her :)

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