birthday party

the immediacy of vee speers' imagery is
overwhelming. faces look directly at the viewer
creating a quietly dramatic tension urging a reaction.


colette rose said...

powerful images...

vintageveggie said...

i gave you an award on my blog deary! hope you like it.

Taybian said...

Hi Mady,
Firstly from what Patrick has mentioned about you work, it sounds so beautiful and I would love to see what you are working on.
Your two blogs are so beautiful and the soundtrack it soooo gorgeous. Is it Feist?
These images are so so so so gorgeous! Stunning! Beautiful! Not to mention inspirational!
Did Patrick mention that I will be at the Southbank Young Designers market on Sunday 7th? http://www.southbankmarket.com.au/ydm.html
If you are planning on being there I would love to meet you.
Hope you have Fabulous Friday!
Mel :-)

Centine said...

Wow, I really enjoyed the Vee Speers photography you showed on your blog. It's gorgeous.

I've heard rumours that "the Birthday Party" is based on a series of short stories, but can't seem to find any confirmation anywhere. Do you happen to know anything more about the pieces?

Thank you for your beautiful blog,

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