twinkle twinkle little star

because i need more sleep...

bring me all of your dreams,
you dreamer,
bring me all your
heart melodies
that I may wrap them
in a blue cloud-cloth
away from the too-rough fingers
of the world.
'langston hughes'

lots of it...
with cups of tea and good books + lovely relaxing music
images found here, 6+7 here
have a fabulous weekend x


Briana said...

Hmmm those beds look wonderful! lol Oh and I agree with you, lots of books and tea. :-)

adieu said...

het bed op de derde foto, die wil ik! ik ben nog steeds verliefd op de foto, heb hem ook op mijn computer staan. mmm, dromen. groetjes lieke

Hayley said...

i am very tired also. only two hours of sleep last night! and i completely agree. all i need is a good book and a warm cup of tea, and i'll be gone for hours (:

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

oh my gosh. i have officially fallen in love with your blog. the beautiful music, the beautiful words, plus the beautiful photos of beds!!!!! this is too much. i love it :)
care to trade links?

Linnéa said...

cute interior <3

Maaret said...

oh, this are lovlely images of lovely spaces. Thanks for sharing.

TheDizzyPixie said...

I featured a few of the many lovely photos in your blog, in my blog today. Please stop by and take a look!



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