there’s too many things that i haven’t done yet
'voque girl'
too many sunsets i haven’t seen
you can’t waste the day wishing i’d slow down
you would have thought by now i’d learned something
i made up my mind when i was a young girl
i’ve been given this one world
i won’t worry it away
but now and again i lose sight of the good life
i get stuck in a low light
but then loves comes in
'sarah bareilles'

etsy: 'joette maue'

i know i will

'ok,' she is saying
and then our breath is colliding,
all sweet tarts and
penny candies.
'voque girl'
wet and warm and close
and when we stop
there’s a silence,
thick and beautiful.
and these are the things
we will have
when we have
nothing else.
yoko ono
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1 comment:

Teabagstains said...

oh such pretty images and words! this is a nice place to be, i also enjoy the background music.
thankyou for your kind words

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