j morgan puett

o my god those images are just so beautiful. i can't
get enough of them- keep going back to her site here to
look for more. i stumbled across it on this blog thank you!
J. Morgan Puett emerged in the mid-1980s as a
fashion designer. her distinctive style, which drew
from sources that explored the history of garments,
were hand-made, crafted of hand-dyed natural fabrics,
often in wrinkled, informal states. (i am in love...)
since 2001, puett has focused her artistic practice
on large-scale collaborative projects.


Mila said...

Wow, how absolutely breathtaking is this! <3
Thank you so much for sharing...

Secret Leaves said...

Hello! So glad you found her on my blog. I think her work is just stunning. Yours is pretty lovely too, by the way. :)


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