too many days i wake up with an aching
too many days have been wasted like sand
too many hours have gone by without notice
too many times i've let go of your hand
i'm always very happy
whenever i'm with you
the things you do are special
and what you say is new
i want to take you dancing
i want to see a show
our favorite sort of people
i know are sure to go
from appleapplegreen on 'flickr'
lieke has such a unique style.
she's a visual poet- her photo's are dreamy,
sensitive, emotional, pure and inspiring- magical!
definitely one to watch.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi mady, wat ontzettend lief! ik ben heel blij met je fijne post. ik ga je blog in de gaten houden, ik moet er nog even inkomen, ben van plan er meer aan te gaan doen als ik meer vrije tijd krijg. ik mail je snel terug, lieve groetjes lieke

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