i suddenly had the urge to smoke a cigarette.
don't know why, i haven't smoked for years.
i think i had my very 1st cigarette when i was 11
i remember it was a john player special- my sister smoked them
if you are reading this darling sis- it was me!
so- this is me when i was 13 or so
oh my god so young and smoking...
photo from 'we heart it'


Barbara Munsel said...

(Melis ook in de buurt aan het 'roken'?) X

mady dooijes said...

tuurlijk, deze foto was bij haar thuis genomen, zat in jullie boekje... remember? x

Marga said...

Die foto, ik zou zweren dat ik naar Lukas zit te kijken die een peukie zit te roken...X

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